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As an outer planet, Uranus moves slowly, taking 84 years to complete the zodiac and spending roughly seven years in each sign. Due to this slow motion, Uranus is a generational planet along with Neptune and Pluto.

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In astrology, Uranus is linked to surprises, innovation, revolution, and liberation. As the modern ruler of Aquarius , Uranus is demonstrative of all that's unique, wild, unpredictable, and unusual in our lives. Sometimes, however, Uranus appears to move backward in the sky; this visual backward motion is known as Uranus retrograde. Uranus stations retrograde once every year, spending just under half of the year retrograde; these retrogrades normally last five months.

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During these transits, Uranus appears to move backward in the sky, recovering approximately four degrees each retrograde. Overall, Uranus spends about forty percent of its time in retrograde. What Uranus threatens us with not physical death, but a creative, soul-level withering, an inability to thrive that, if allowed to settle within, would rot us from the inside out.

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Without Uranus' upending ways, many of us would nestle deep into our most familiar ruts and never look back, comfortable in our ambivalence. Uranus pushes us past the edge comfort, and further still—it is at these boundaries, somewhere between order and abject chaos, where genius and creativity thrive. It illuminates a pathway that allows us to take care of our own needs while also being open, compassionate, and understanding towards others. With this balance in place, our connections can be healthy and more rewarding.

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The energy of this somewhat heavy Full Moon will linger for a few days but eventually, we will find relief and be able to catch our breath and enjoy the rewards of our hard work. The Scorpio New Moon is also a bit of a challenging one, but we have to keep in mind that this is our month to level up!

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Scorpio is the sign associated with death and rebirth and under the dark Moon, we are going to be encouraged to rebirth a part of ourselves and let go of the parts of ourselves that we no longer need. While the New Moon will be intense, Scorpio energy is always a powerful time for ritual work and gives us spiritual strength to transform and raise our vibrations higher.

The end of October is always a magical time for as we transition to November, the veil between this realm and others becomes thin. On All Hallows Eve , October 31st, Mercury will also go retrograde and we will be able to delve into the spirit realms with far more ease. We will also be able to tune into our intuition and receive downloads and inspiration from Spirit. If you have loved ones on the other side, this is also a time to celebrate and honor their presence in your life and to hold close in your heart the idea that you will meet once again.

What is Hindu Monthly Panchang or Hindu Calendar?

You can also write them a letter or talk to them to let them know you are thinking of them. While October is a slightly more challenging month, it does bring its gifts too.

By the end of this month, we are going to feel stronger. We are going to feel more rooted in our being and more confident about our path ahead. Like all things, cosmic waves are just temporary. The Hindu Panchanga is not only used by the Astrologers to determine auspicious dates but it also informs about many other significant details like sunrise and sunset times, moonrise and moonset times, Lagnas in a day, waxing and waning phases of the moon, as well as good days or bad days.

Traditional Astrologers make use of all such elements to establish the birth charts and observe the transits of planets. These transitional changes occur in the lives of every individual significant to the position where the stars were situated during the time of their birth. The astrologers make use of the data as mentioned in the Monthly Hindu Panchang and perform mathematical calculations to determine the causes and effects that might occur due to astrological transits.

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This concept aids in reducing confusion regarding days and dates and provides necessary predictions with accuracy. Thus for the betterment of the familiar man astrologers have devised a Monthly Hindu Calendar Panchang which will aid in simplifying mathematical calculations with which one can acquire knowledge about planetary transits and reasonable as well as bad times.

If predictions are made without making appropriate utilization of the Monthly Hindu Panchang according to Birthastro,one might not receive as many good fortunes as the stars might provide to an individual. If one performs a specific task during an imperfect time or fails to identify the exact moment he or she might have to go through several unfavorable circumstances.

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