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Get clear with what that means for you this week. Love has a tendency to change people, and often it's for the better. What change can you encourage today with your ability to love and show support? Libra, when you least expect it, love can walk in your life again. There are moments that can't be planned or forced, and when it comes to the way you feel, they fall into that category.

When you are with the people you love, anything is possible. Team effort will make things easier for everyone today so don't be afraid to offer your help when you see the need. Scorpio, true friends are those that help you when you're down, and they are also those that see your imperfections and love you anyway. You might feel a bit shy around others at times, but you have your own set of strengths that are valuable.

Share your thoughts and ideas with your partner when there's not a lot going on so that you get the most out of your time together. Sagittarius, work can conflict with love, but only if you allow it. Some relationships require a bit more time to make major adjustments even when they are positive.

The Zodiac Signs as FRIENDS

You may be in a situation where time is your new friend. If it's important, give it the time it deserves. Capricorn, risk taking in love is rarely worth the effort unless you have already tested a person's character and see them for who they are.

These are the zodiac signs with the most billionaires — and the least

Trust is an important factor. Build it. Humor works wonders when you are trying to get someone back on your team. Sometimes a smile says more than words ever could. Be more pleasant and gentle when sharing your wants with the person you love. Aquarius, history can and often does repeat itself.

So, making changes that only you can make are essential to personal growth. Appreciation comes in many forms and not everyone shows their love in the same way. What's your personal preference for giving and receiving love?

The star sign Capricorn: 22.12. - 20.01. (Latin Capricornus)

Maybe your style is different from your partners and things can be made better by speaking their love language. Because researchers from Australian affairs website Victoria Milan have found there are some zodiac signs set to make some poor judgement calls over the next 12 months. After interviewing more than six million unfaithful types from the web page there was a clear pattern emerging, Body and Soul reported. After interviewing more than six million unfaithful types from the web page there was a clear pattern emerging stock image.

An incredible 15 per cent of male Pisces will cheat on their loved one, according to their findings. The symbol for Pisces - two fish swimming in opposite directions - may seem innocent but holds clues as to their two-faced nature. They are often referred to as being one of the more 'secretive' signs, and lust after both sex and money.

Some of them are known for having a severe lack of human emotion and empathy when it comes to relationships, although for the most part they usually get along with everyone. You should be wary of 'sexual Scorpios' during this time as well, as 12 per cent of the total number of adulterous males are looking around.

You should be wary of 'sexual Scorpios' during this time as well, as 12 per cent of the total number of adulterous males are looking around stock image. While usually very steadfast with their companions this year may see a shift in that pattern, as their thirst for physical intimacy reaches new heights. For the ladies, Aries, Geminis and Virgoes are the ones to watch out for.

Mystic Meg

While we're still settling into the first month of the year, there is certainly time to hone in on any resolved issues and avoid the cosmic inevitable. It's not all bad news though, with anyone dating a Libra, Sagittarius and Leo looking forward to a loving - and loyal - time ahead. September The closest bonds in your life deserve to be celebrated.

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September Family loyalty feels faded but underneath a bond is strong as ever. September You begin to feel a new strength and stability in your self-esteem.

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September Willpower, opportunity and pure luck are your gifts from Mercury. September You discover how much friends and family really believe in you. Follow The Sun. Your Sun Sign in. News Corp WSJ.

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Sign in. All Fabulous. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to.