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That and the fact that extinction is inevitable unless you do something to evolve this. This has direct links to your security or someone you live with. A family member or even your work situation. Mars in your 4 th along with Uranus in your 1 st angling to Juno also in your 4 th gives you a new perspective and perhaps the courage to face whatever this is in the coming weeks.

Get talking and cut that mammoth down to size. In a nutshell: What conversation are you avoiding having, Taurus? You need to clear the air this week purely because of the effect this has on you. Say it anyway — and cut the issue down to size. We are in retroshadow time as far as your ruler is concerned and in fact, it will enter full retroactive phase next week.

So, the heads-up is to expect more than the usual serving of Mercury mayhem. This of course includes yourself in the form of your ideas, talents, product, service and suitability for that role. Beneath all of this is a desire for someone to either give you their word or make good on a promise — signalled by a revealing angle between Uranus in your 12 th and Juno in your 3 rd.

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Or is it you that is hesitating? This week says love it or leave it, Gemini. Money matters may be hard to get to grips with and please, whatever you do, avoid major purchases and expenditure now unless it cannot be helped. You should also steer clear of new financial commitments such as loans or credit cards. Yes, it all smacks of retro time but there is more to it than that. Venus enters its ruling 2 nd on the 3 rd. Be aware that Venus in here can bring us more cash — but also ignites the urge to splurge — usually on beautiful things.

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So, we may spend it faster than we make it! But the real reason to hang onto that cash is the total solar eclipse in this house the day before. This is also not a good time to invest or speculate with what you have as the advice you receive may be flawed in some way. Even the way you bank and handle your money on a everyday basis may need to be examined.

Keep your cash close and watch where the money goes — in the cold light of the days after the eclipse. In a nutshell: Put the finishing touches to projects and plans this week, Gemini as ruler Mercury prepares to turn retro. When it comes to money — hang on to your cash. Time to save rather than spend.

Often this goes hand in hand with a brand new us as we relaunch ourselves on some level making the most of our birthday cycle and the fresh start it brings us. Renewal is the name of the game at this time. This year, you are going to defer that on some level Cancer. Think of the new Moon on the 2 nd as your chrysalis time instead.

It could be an inner metamorphosis is taking place.

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Venus enters your sign this week lending inspiration when it comes to your image, appearance and also allowing you to make adjustments to what or who you are seeking to attract in the coming year. You are in retroshadow time when it comes to your money and what you value. This could trigger a soul audit as you focus not so much on your finances but the relationships that matter. The best of all possible connections this week, Cancer. Refine who you are and as you do, think about who or what this new you will be capable of attracting for the future.

Till then — take all the time you need. Your ruler totally eclipsed in your house of secrets?

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Whatever you do, take some time out and listen to your intuition which is also ruled by your 12 th. Also, defer major decisions if you can now. You simply do not have all the facts to hand. Mercury in your 1 st is in retroshadow and will enter full retro phase next week.

This alone should tell you to hang fire on anything major. Mars in your 1 st however may be prodding you into action. Try to resist acting impulsively as Mars fires up your capacity to roar — especially if you feel someone is not being forthright. Take it that more information will emerge and take a regal stance if necessary. But this is about self-rulership. Choosing your moment to act or say something and only when you are satisfied you have all the facts you need. Venus in your 12 th is all about past loves and higher intentions.

Uranus in your 10 th is all about your status and how you are seen. You could even be probing into how you are impacted by the actions of someone close to you. Choose your associations wisely this week. And your confidents even more carefully. Your 12 th is the house of hidden enemies — the people we think we can trust but who either work against us or let us down. Secrets may best be kept simply by keeping them to yourself.

This week tells you, information gets more powerful when kept to yourself. Wait for revelations and the truth to catch up with you, Leo. In a nutshell: Confused? In the dark over something? Secrets and hidden truths are waiting to be uncovered. Your intuition is the light that pierces the shadows this week, Leo.

Mars and ruler Mercury are in your house of the spirits and with Mercury in retroshadow and about to head into full retro mode, both are determined to serve you up the unadulterated truth. With a total eclipse of the Sun on the day of the new Moon 2 nd occurring in your 11 th this could relate to friends, groups, clubs, bands, associations or even who or what stands between you and your goals. Uranus which rules your 11 th house occupies your 9 th asking what price you put on freedom? Are you tied or bound by someone or something? Does a soul contract between you and another require renegotiation?

Is someone asking for your undivided attention or focus but not offering you the same in return? Or you simply begin to see a dynamic in play you were unaware of in the relationship until now. Your intuition may be telling you who this is with even while reading this so please pay attention and examine the facts behind that gut feeling. Believe me, the evidence is there. This week also sees Venus arrive in your 11 th and the planet of love shows you exactly where those heart-centered friendships can be found.

Venus in here promises good times, good company and also luck and benefits via the people you know and meet now. This is your house of acceptance — where your ability to receive anything from compliments to gifts and assistance, is tested. How open are you? In a nutshell: Heart-centered friendships existing and new, are drawn to you this week, Virgo. Embrace the love of like-minded souls. And ditch those which drain and demand!

This week asks you to take a Fort Knox approach to your professional image and reputation and how you want to be seen by those who matter. In other words, you need to be unassailable and to treat yourself as your own gold standard. How people see and perceive you has long term implications now so you need to be aware of this.

Whether you are aware of it or not this week, you are being watched and you need to be aware of the impression you create. Be authentic. The total eclipse of the Sun in your 10 th on the 2 nd points to things going on behind the scenes in your career or public image that you may be unaware of.